Q: How do I get at the battery to change it?
A: You only need to remove the 4 screws holding the top PCB to the pillars. The connector can simply be pulled out of its socket allowing access to the battery holder (If connector is stiff just waggle it gently). Just take care to insert the connector pins in the correct holes when re-assembling it. Don’t de-solder anything!!

Q: Its gone mad, changing velocity/sending mod wheel/pitch bend etc at random!!
A: Chances are you have accidentally enabled one or more of the “hack header” inputs. These inputs allow you to control various settings with external potentiometers wired to a header on the ARPIE board. However, without hardware attached you can see random behaviour. The solution is to turn off the hack header inputs.. Press and hold PLEN and turn LEDs 1-8 off. Alternatively do a full settings reset by holding down HOLD at power up, then pressing and releasing MODE (while HOLD is pressed)