This page lists versions of the CV.OCD firmware which can be downloaded as SYSEX files and programmed on to the device using a SYSEX librarian or MIDI tool (See the CV.OCD manual for information)

BETA releases are new and have been tested but are not yet pre-installed in new devices. However feel free to try them out and let me know if you see any issues.

After loading any new firmware, please reload your current CV.OCD patch via SYSEX since some firmware updates will invalidate the patch stored in the CV.OCD memory.

Version 4.2 BETA (10 Sep 2018) download

Version 4.1 BETA (24 May 2018) download

CURRENT RELEASE Version 4 (12 May 2018, previously 3.1beta) download

Version 3 (1 Oct 2017) download

Version 2.2 BETA (20 May 2017) download

Version 2.1 BETA (20 May 2017) download

Version 2 (1 Apr 2017) download

Version 1.3 BETA (12 Feb 2017) download

Version 1.2 BETA (28 January 2017) download

Version 1 (17 October 2016) download

This is the original release version of the CV.OCD firmware!