Playing Tips

LE STRUM is a MIDI controller that rewards experimentation. Try playing with dynamics (Envelope attack and release) and reverb/delay effects on your synth or sound module.

While it works great with seas of lush chordy goodness, you can also get some nice punchy or melodic stuff if you use the right sounds. LE STRUM generally sounds best with a bit of release so that the sounds are not cut too abruptly.

If you are using any of the patches that enable “Organ Buttons”, this will mean that LE STRUM is outputting on two different MIDI channels; when you press a new chord button, the chord triad plays on MIDI channel 2 even before you touch a note on the stylus pad. When strummed, the notes play on MIDI channel 1.

For this to work effectively you really need to be able to route channels 1 and 2 to different sounds. If both channels are playing the same sound module (e.g. synth is on OMNI mode) it may not work very well.. more than likely the notes will be killing each other.

Of course Organ Buttons can just be used to play chords at the press of a button, but to get the best of it you should configure your synth setup to play a different sound for each channel so you can also use the stylus pads.

I hope you enjoy using LE STRUM!