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   ARPIE KIT - A palm-sized MIDI arpeggiator based around open source hardware and firmware
   LE STRUM KIT - An unique MIDI controller featuring chord mapping and strumming. Like a cross between a Stylophone and an Omnichord!
   MIDIHUB++ A compact, USB-powered, MIDI clock generator and midi thru module with six outputs and a MIDI thru input. Sold fully built and tested.
   MIDI SPLITTER KIT Build a USB-powered, one input, six output, zero latency midi signal splitter. All-hardware signal path.
   MIDI SWITCHER KIT control low voltage DC loads such as lamps/solenoids/motors from a MIDI keyboard or sequencer. Eight low-side switching channels. Highly configurable over MIDI.
   RELAY SWITCHER KIT MIDI Switcher module with eight high power relay outputs. Highly configurable over MIDI.
   SIXTY FOUR PIXELS GAME KIT Play a selection of awesome games on a hand-held game console you built yourself (or write your own games using Arduino tools). All in glorious bi-colour!
   BRUSHLESS MOTOR DRIVE MODULE Ideal for driving hard disk drive motors (Y-coil only.. see details). Perfect for including in your own project. Sold fully built and tested.
   STYLOPHONE MIDI CONVERSION KIT Convert a reissue Stylophone into a MIDI controller with multiple performance options, including a tilt sensor and extra buttons. Not a project for the faint-hearted!