Banana Split is a six-way MIDI thru box. MIDI information that comes in through the input is sent to all six outputs in parallel.

Using a central “hub” to send MIDI to multiple devices, rather than chaining them together through their MIDI thru ports, has the advantage you can disconnect or remove power from one device without affecting the others. It also helps to reduce latency issues.


Banana Split has a 2.1mm power socket, such as those used with the wall wart adaptors for guitar pedals. Typically these adaptors are 9V DC with a positive outer barrel. Banana Split has a bridge rectifier and voltage regulator which mean it can also run with an adaptor that has a plug with a negative outer barrel, and can run from any voltage from about 7 volts up to about 15 volts (9V - 12V recommended, never exceed 15 volts).

MIDI Input

Banana split has two separate MIDI inputs:

Some newer equipment uses a 3.5mm jack output for MIDI. Some examples are the Novation Circuit and Arturia Beatstep Pro. These devices usually require an adaptor to break out a 3.5mm plug to a 5-pin DIN socket, however you can use a 3.5mm stereo jack to jack cable to connect these devices directly to the Banana Split. However please note

The 3.5mm socket is wired as follows

The KORG wiring standard switches the functions of TIP and RING. If you want to make a cross-over cable you can simply switch the signals over on one of the connectors.

MIDI Outputs

Banana split has six MIDI outputs, which are identical and hard-wired to share the same MIDI signal. There is no firmware processing of the signal, just electrical buffering (i.e. signal amplification). This means that latency between the input and output is kept to a bare minimum.

Since there is no firmware processing of the signal, it is not possible to apply any kind of filtering or conditional routing of the MIDI information (e.g. split different MIDI channels to different sockets). However most MIDI devices are designed to ignore all MIDI data not on their configured channel, meaning this is not an issue.


Banana Split has three LED indicators


While Banana Split does not apply any processing to the MIDI data that is passing through, it does contain a microprocessor (a small PIC microcontroller) which is used to control the activity and beat indicator LEDs. This chip listens in on the MIDI traffic passing through the box.

There are two unused output signals on the chip that you can make use of if you want to mod your box: